• The group DNA

    A multi-faceted group

    Via its brands ETAM, 1.2.3 and Undiz, the Etam Group conveys its aim of making women more beautiful. This quest for exacting standards is embodied every day by the 22,000 talented people who work for the company. Our family-owned group is a true pioneer and has always been able to innovate in order to make itself stand out and become a recognised player in women’s fashion. With more than 4,300 sales outlets in 40 countries, including 700 in France and over 3,200 in China, we are on the look-out for the talents of the future that will ensure our ongoing success! 
    3 brands, 3 possibilities…

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  • Culture

    From our history to our raison for being…

    At the cost of obsessing over every detail, the Etam Group aims to offer the very best to its customers, employees and suppliers. Whether they work within its brands or in support functions, all Etam Group employees are retailers above all else.

    Steered by the values of Audacity and Rigour, Elegance and Caring, its teams work on a day-to-day basis to offer our customers a unique shopping experience, ensuring that “every moment is sublime”.

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  • Development

    Supporting people with talent 

    The Etam Group’s history is based above all on passionate men and women. In addition to all of their technical skills and business expertise, each of the Etam Group’s ambassadors needs to be able to surprise, astonish, dare and challenge received ideas. Creativity drives our future and is the source of our audacity. 

    It is up to us to identify people with TALENT and to foster this talent in order to support the momentum of our brands. 

    Young People with Talent :
    The Etam Group encourages the employment of young people, and each year offers internships across all of its business lines and part-time positions at its stores to meet the desires of young people. Work-based training is also a means of developing the professional skills of future talents, by offering the first step towards employment.

    Training :
    the Group provides training support for its employees in three main areas: integration, management, strategic projects and business and product expertise.

    TALENTS programme :
    Developed in partnership with HEC business school, this bespoke personal and professional development programme, which results in a qualification, is followed by 30 employees each year: 15 from Europe and 15 from China.

  • Diversity

    Talent in all forms!

    The Etam Group unveils talent in all of its forms. This aim is anchored chiefly in the group’s ongoing commitment and social responsibility, endeavouring every day to cultivate the uniqueness of its 20,000 employees. 

    In the name of equal opportunity … 
    The Etam Group wants to work on the diversity of its workforce, taking on people from different but complementary backgrounds and thereby ensuring balance and harmony. The company is strongly committed to making the most of individuals in order to meet the demands of its business and its audacious aims. It respects the principle of non-discrimination and promises to be completely objective in its recruitment, maintain wage equality and ensure fairness in how it supports its employees.

    Disability does not have to be a disadvantage!
    Disability is not a limitation or a taboo. We respect this difference in our day-to-day activities and make it part of our rich diversity. This concern is taken into account in supporting the development of each of our employees. A disability scheme has therefore been created to shift the lines and take action to improve attitudes to disability across the board.

    Our commitments