This means paying permanent attention to our impact on the environment, including the impact of our direct activities at our headquarters, stores and warehouses, and our transportation, as well as the impact relating to our products throughout their life cycle.


Directives have been given to the Group’s brands to encourage transportation of products by boat, which is reflected by the growing weighting of maritime transport in upstream transportation over the last few years. In addition, the Group is looking into ways of increasing the weighting of suppliers closer to the country of consumption and thereby reducing transportation times.


Through its discussions with Eco-Emballages, the Etam Group is working to optimise the packaging of its products. A number of measures have been adopted with the aim of improving waste recyclability: plastic labels have been replaced by recyclable paper, and new suppliers with a circular economy approach have been selected.

Energy consumption

With a view to reducing its environmental impact, openings and renovations of Etam stores provide the opportunity to shift towards 100% LED lighting. In 2016, three-quarters of Etam stores were equipped with LED lighting and the Group is planning to achieve the target of 100% by 2018.

In addition to efforts made in terms of saving energy, the Etam Group favours – where possible – opening stores in buildings with HQE environmental quality certification.