UNDIZ – as innovative and avant-garde as ever – is thriving and embracing its reputation as a rabble-rouser. With the new slogan unveiled last year, “I am what I am. So what?” UNDIZ values differences.

In a market in which lingerie is most often associated with the notion of sexiness, UNDIZ took a stand as the rebel of cool lingerie. At UNDIZ, anything goes and lingerie has become a fashion accessory in its own right and it has certainly won fans. Colourful, easily affordable and high-quality: the stars of UNDIZ are the products. Three new capsule collections are causing quite a stir: the Harry Potter series, the Pokémon range, and the message t-shirts by “Les Confidentielles”. To ensure it has the time needed to better “sense” trends and save restocking time, the brand developed a short stock-management chain.


UNDIZ could never rely on a boring, traditional customer-loyalty program. UNDIZ customers are young and very active on the social networks: the brand decided to reach them where they are and capitalise on the commitment of a virtual community, #undizfamily, composed of all those who post photos on #undizfamily. The members of the Undiz gang thereby become veritable spokespersons for the brand – invested, creative, committed individuals.

Thanks to this intensive work to carve a niche on the social networks, UNDIZ has a large number of Facebook fans, Instagram followers and Snapchat followers. Best of all, it has gained brand recognition and loyalty.


Because eazy shopping also means the Undiz Machine. This unprecedented buying experience for customers, a solution tailored to limited retail space. The brand’s objective is to develop the Undiz Machine network in France and to introduce the concept abroad. Not only do they function as sales outlets, but they will also serve as logistics centres.

In the near future, the ramp-up of the eazy shopping concept will also be based on RFID, which will be implemented in France, Spain and Belgium. The advantages of this system are guaranteed inventory and reduced delivery turnaround times by virtue of in-store preparation of online orders.


To boost its growth abroad, the brand unveiled the Undiz Academy project in mid-November to identify the country where it had the greatest potential and to recruit that land’s leader through a talent competition. The seven winners, coached by the UNDIZ experts and given a substantial budget, have one year to develop and test an e-commerce site.

A second phase will entail creation of brick-and-mortar stores. An original and innovative way to trial the countries that have the most in common with UNDIZ and fast-track development of the brand. UNDIZ shakes up everything: lingerie, convention, retail – and even recruitment.