This means placing emphasis the two ends of the range: everyday basics, reworked to become genuine essentials, and top-of-the-range, exceptional articles.

The first hints at this change can be seen in the success of small articles and “noble” materials, like the cashmere collection for the fall/winter season.

A substantial groundwork is also underway on the dressy-products segment, long a 1.2.3 sales driver. The plan is to completely rethink the way people “dress up” today.


A contemporary breeze is blowing through the stores. Wooden shelves and gilded brass bars, cosy spaces, glamorous touches.

The idea is to render the store ambiance warmer and more welcoming, as well as to keep pace with the brand’s upmarket direction. E-reservation, in-store help tablet, mobile payment, and even a virtual reality headset: symbolising this concept, the emblematic store on avenue des Ternes in Paris has been revamped into an “omnichannel” store, offering a wide range of new digital services that satisfy demanding, connected customers. This “rejuvenation” runs parallel to the network’s expansion. More recently, the store Paris la Défense has also been renovated according to the same concept.


To reinforce its strategy and render the brand more upmarket, 1.2.3 developed partnerships and licensed collections. 

It all started with a meeting between 1.2.3 teams and Swarovski®. 1.2.3 was then looking for a beautiful brand, synonymous with festivity and hedonism to brighten up a year-end collection.

1.2.3 like Swarovski® are French, family-owned brands committed to making women even more sublime every day. These common values have gathered them.


At the heart of innovation and digital 1.2.3 makes every effort to deliver the best shopping experience.

Thanks to the implementation of the software chatbot, the brand is able to provide precise and immediate answers to its customers, directly to their smartphone. The artificial intelligence of this chatbot makes it possible to solve many of the problems encountered by its customers or to direct them to the group’s competent department. 

A new proof of the attention paid by 123 to its customers and their satisfaction, which goes hand in hand with the launch of its new website.