The Group’s ambition is to provide the best at every level for our customers, our employees and our suppliers.
Whether it be in terms of aesthetics, service, shopping experience or management, it is only through obsession with every detail that the Group and its brands will move on to the next level.


“Giving our customers the best”

At each moment, Etam is working for its customers with RIGOUR. Listening to them, understanding and meeting their needs, seducing them; this approach requires considerable RIGOUR. This RIGOUR is also to be found in our constant attention to quality, service and detail.


“Promoting initiative and innovation”

Etam serves its customers with DARING, by daring to innovate to please them, establishing a lead over its competitors and imagining without limits the solutions of tomorrow. This DARING is a key ingredient in their seduction.


“A mixture of tact and fit”

In its products as well as in its displays and its advice, Etam offers its customers the ELEGANCE of being themselves. Well-fitting collections, respect for customers and attractive stores, ELEGANCE is woven into everything we do.


“Creating links built on trust”

Because our customers are worth the best, worth a full range of choices that fit their image and high-quality products, Etam builds a relationship of trust with them based on EMPATHY. This EMPATHY means listening and advising, in the service of women’s beauty.