A unique shopping experience

Whether real or virtual, the Group’s retail spaces must offer each client a unique shopping experience. This comes from its e-commerce sites and boutiques offering the most attractive, spectacular and adaptable designs.

Interior designers and architects, along with lighting designers, artists and even bloggers and designers certainly do not lack daring as they turn them into unique places. They are select spaces, always located in the heart of towns or on busy thoroughfares. 

Logistics flows under control

Mastering both the quality of its products and its flows when selling more than 60 million pieces per year in more than 3,700 stores and 54 countries is a real challenge.  The flow of goods is constantly evolving so that the customer always has the item she wishes in her store.

The Etam Group is therefore constantly optimising its logistics, not hesitating to manage it directly in order to better control it. Demanding in terms of the management of its flows, it is also demanding for the quality of its production, coming mainly from Asia, Europe or North Africa and entrusted to rigorous partners.

At the cutting edge of style

In addition to the design teams for each brand, many artists and creators lend their talents to help with a collection or an event. By sharing their unique points of view, their worlds, they give each brand something that will help strengthen its personality.

These personalities are nourished, season after season, by an integrated team of stylists, designers and marketing experts, to ensure that collections are unique and capture the spirit of the times.

Human resources serving retail

Driven by the values of Rigour, Daring, Elegance and Empathy, our teams work day in, day out to serve our customers.

Whether they work for one of our brands, or in the support functions, all Etam Group employees are retailers at heart.